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acoustic fingerstyle guitarist & composer

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"- It's a look at a seemingly distant world that everyone should discover. A journey to the internal life, a conversation with imperfection, search for the lights... I'd like this one guitar, one story, to become a chapter of your own story."


About me

My name is Janek Pentz.

"Janek Pentz gave an exciting fingerstyle mixture with influences from rock to classical music, alternately fast and dynamic, but again and again wonderfully calm and atmospheric intonation. Anyone who has seen Janek understands why he was invited by none other than Tommy Emmanuel to accompany him on tour."
- Matthias Mineur (Guitar&Bass 11/2019)

Janek is a fingerstyle guitarist and composer from Poland. 


He played joint shows with stars like Tommy Emmanuel, Andy McKee, Andrew York, Mike Dawes, Alex Misko or Daniel Cavanagh (Anathema), and collaborated with many more. 


He was giving concerts in Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Latvia, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and... at the Vatican, performing festivals and individual shows. He released three original albums. 


In his homeland, he's acclaimed for his continuous touring and live appearances (more than 300 shows) as a solo fingerstyle virtuoso, but also for performing duets with the most iconic vocalists on the Polish scene like Edyta Geppert or Martyna Jakubowicz, adding his fresh musical approach to their legacy. He recorded with PRO8L3M, one of the most important rap duets in Poland. He was also opening for Kwiat Jabłoni, Polish pop-stars at the National Stadium area. 


Winner of many prestigious competitions, recently of HASPA Guitar Cup in Hamburg, 2022. 

My music

New album "Paradox" is out now

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My discography

All solo & collaborative works.

On tour

See all the details on my upcoming shows.
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Let's get in touch

+48 661 400 099

Copyright by Janek Pentz, 2023. All photos by Andrzej Świetlik. All rights reserved.

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